This is a summary of key information about RentaRamp.

Hire Period

We offer yardramp rental for short, medium or long term periods, ranging from one month to five years plus.


Yardramps hired via RentARamp are delivered using a special extended low-loader for easy and safe off-loading on site. This eliminates any need to use a tandem fork truck lift or a crane off lift. All delivery costs are available from Thorworld Industries on request.

Replace With New

If a ramp is rented for a minimum of 3 years, RentaRamp customers have the option to replace an existing yardramp with a new one free of charge*.

* Conditional on the new yardramp being hired for a minimum three-year contract. Ask for more details.

Purchasing a Yardramp while on hire

RentARamp customers can purchase their rented yardramp at any time – Thorworld offers a standard allowance against the purchase price of the ramp.

A credit on the total rental paid will be honoured, which varies between 25% and 100% depending on how soon into the hire period the ramp is purchased.

  • Credit of 100% against total rental paid if purchased within 3 months.
  • Credit of 75% against total rental paid if purchased within 3-6 months.
  • Credit of 50% against total rental paid if purchased within 6-12 months.
  • Credit of 25% against total rental paid if purchased over 12 months.

Please Note:
1. Credit is limited to half of the original purchase price.
2. For the above credits to be valid, we must receive payment before the end of the period of hire in question.
3. If a ramp is replaced with a new ramp whilst on hire (on a 3 year minimum contract), the rental credit permissible for the subsequent purchase of the new ramp will be calculated only from the date of delivery of the new ramp (as if a new contract has been arranged from this date).