Ramps to Rent

RentARamp from Thorworld Industries is specifically designed to cater for a range of business needs by supplying a variety of high-quality mobile yardramps.

We are happy to recommend the model most suited to specific requirements, and our comprehensive range includes a variety of new yardramps, which we have in stock to cater for urgent requirements.

All Thorworld yardramps are made to enable the fast, efficient and safe loading and unloading of trailers, containers and vehicles. They are renowned for unique quality and strength, and have been independently tested and meet EU standards.

Standard features of Thorworld yardramps include:

  • Hydraulic operation through the use of a double acting manual handpump (electrical pump upgrade available)
  • Serrated open grid deck for positive traction in all weather conditions
  • A full width, 300mm deep exit lip to locate on the vehicle.
  • Safety chains to each side of the ramp top prevent ramp/vehicle separation.

RentARamp customers are able to choose from our range of yardramps to fulfil their loading and unloading needs.

  • Our Standard Ramps are ideal for most situations where a yardramp can be operated. They are available in capacities of 6,000Kg, 7,000Kg and 10,000Kg, with a choice of entry section/towing mechanism to suit individual requirements. These ramps are only available on short term ‘try before you buy’ rental.
  • Our Deluxe Ramps are our most popular mobile yardramps, designed for heavier usage; e.g. continual use in a one-shift operation. They are available in 7,000Kg and 10,000Kg capacities, with a choice of entry section/towing mechanism.
  • Our Super Deluxe Ramps are our most heavy duty yardramps. They are available in 12,000Kg and 15,000Kg capacities and are specifically designed to withstand heavy workloads performing in multi-shift operation, in the most rigorous of environments e.g. the recycling industry.

Watch our video showing the operation of our range of loading ramps: