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Rent or Buy?

Loading and unloading are fundamental processes that must be effectively managed in order for businesses to be able to meet their distribution requirements.

Where a mobile yardramp is the favoured solution, the decision whether to rent a ramp or to buy one is often at the forefront of the minds of decision makers.

There are many factors that influence whether ramp rental is preferable to the outright purchase of a mobile yard ramp. These factors include:-

  • Timescale – for short-term or temporary requirements, such as peak periods or special projects, ramp rental is the best way of securing a high-quality loading and unloading solution quickly and cost-effectively. RentARamp yardramps can generally be delivered on-site within a couple of days for a minimum chargeable hire period of just 4 weeks.
  • Corporate Policy – for those businesses required to keep capital expenditure to a minimum, a long-term ramp rental contract is an ideal means of managing costs. RentARamp models can be hired for up to five years initially, with the option to replace the yardramp after three years if the hire period is extended for a further three years minimum.
  • Rental Upgrade – for businesses who wish to ‘try before they buy,’ it is worth renting a yardramp from a supplier who offers the option to purchase the model already being rented. Thorworld offers this facility as standard with RentARamp yardramps, with a reduction in purchase price based on the period the ramp has been on hire.

To see the range of yardramps available from RentARamp, please click here.


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